A Holy Relationship With Your Highest Self

Prayer and Meditation

True Prayer

Prayer in A Course in Miracles is a form of Gratitude, not for worldly things but for the fact that we have never left our Creator and there is nothing we need. This is easier said than done, when there are bills to pay, and things we need to do on the physical realm. However, the path of ACIM teaches us that this is all an illusion, a mortal hallucination of the mind. Albert Einstein also said time and space are figments of our imagination. It takes some time to wrap our minds around that when we feel that our bodies are real and that our bodies need things.

Through the path of ACIM though, we ask for Spirit to be our Teacher, and when Spirit is our Teacher, we don’t need to understand these things, in fact we probably never intellectually will, but we will however be able to live with a profound sense of inner peace, unwavering certainty, and know that we are guided on our path and given direction towards our next best steps. We need make no decision alone. It changes our entire perspective of the experience. We are then grateful to know our deeper reality.

Through our path with ACIM we will come to know the nature of who we are in Reality, which is Spirit and in Spirit there is nothing we need. In that state, we are One. Spirit doesn’t need money, a career, or a relationship because Spirit lacks nothing. However we will be guided in our divine mission and purpose here and everything and more is provided for.

When we are grateful, we are truly praying, praying truly.


“The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need. To ask for the specific is much the same as to look on sin and then forgive it. Also in the same way, in prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them, and let them go into God’s Hands. There they become your gifts to Him, for they tell Him that you would have no gods before Him; no love but His. What could His answer be but your remembrance of Him?”
(ACIM, S-1.I.4:1-5)


True Prayer in Practice

A Course in Miracles instructs us in prayer very clearly in “The Song of Prayer” found in the supplements section of the 3rd edition. This form of prayer is not the form of prayer we are used to in this world. Prayer, like forgiveness in A Course in Miracles is radically different than what we think it is. Prayer in A Course in Miracles is a form of Gratitude, not for worldly things but for the fact that we have never left our Creator and there is nothing we need. Here are some guiding principles to Prayer as it is taught in ACIM:

  • Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation.
  • Prayer now must be the means by which God’s Son leaves separate goals and separate interests, and turns in holy gladness to the truth of union in his Father and himself.
  • Prayer cannot succeed unless you realize it asks for nothing.
  • It is impossible to pray for idols and hope to reach God.
  • Ask to receive what is already given, to accept what is already there.
  • Prayer is a stepping aside, a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving.


A Course in Miracles is a metaphysical text that is compromised of 3 texts in 1 huge blue book. The first part is the theoretical foundation of the text. The second part is the workbook. The workbook includes 365 daily lessons. These lessons are also meditations. They will train your mind to see the world differently by undoing the way you see things now, under the ego thought system, and give you true perception, which is how you will see the world when you are learning from the Holy Spirit. The lessons tell you exactly what you need to do.

I use the main idea of the lesson and repeat it slowly in my mind for 5 minutes. I put a timer on and allow myself to absorb the words into my being. This helps me remember the thought throughout the day. If you have never practiced meditation before, do not worry about the random thoughts that your mind will keep thinking. Focus on your breath, focus on the words you are meditating on and if you lose track, gently bring yourself back. We are training our minds and it will take time. Be gentle with yourself. Patiently enjoy the transforming of your mind with each breath and each minute of practice.

Meditation will open you up to information contained within. With practice you will be able to still your mind (not stop thoughts) and become very receptive to this inner dimension. Our Source, Creator, has never left us, better said, we have never left It. We have access to our Source by going inside, deeper into our innermost realm. There we can become aware of the creative consciousness available to guide us back home through this illusory physical experience.

I have always thought it interesting how difficult it is for us to close our eyes and go inside, be quiet and still. We come up with every excuse not to, even meditation teachers. They may know the benefits in theory but practice becomes another story all together. We can know something in theory and it will never change our lives until we practice ourselves. Make it a habit and you will be witness to the Christ Consciousness in you.


Example of how to Meditate with the Lessons found in the Workbook of ACIM 

  1. Sit in easy pose or with back straight or in chair with feet flat on ground.
  2. Take 3 centering breaths. Inhale through the nose, expand the belly and count to 4, hold the breath for 6 counts, and exhale through nose contracting the belly for 8.
  3. Begin to repeat slowly to yourself the thought for the day. Ex. “God goes with me wherever I go.”
  4. Let any thoughts and frustrations, pass you by, focusing on going more and more inward as you repeat the thought for the day. Think of yourself as sinking down and in to where God awaits inside of you.
  5. After 3-5 minutes, take a deep centering breath and open your eyes. Always end with a prayer of gratitude. It can be as simple as, Thank You God.

First I do the lesson exactly as prescribed in the workbook of ACIM.
Then I follow with this one or use this style of meditation throughout the day to remember and deepen into the idea for the day.

These posts are best experienced in order, the next post is titled Miracle Tools

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  • You don’t have to live in confusion, anxiety, doubt, fear or guilt. 
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  • You can live with a profound sense of inner peace and certainty. 
  • You can be confident in any situation. 
  • You can make decisions knowing you are being divinely inspired and guided. 
  • You don’t need another person or thing to fill the void inside. 
  • You can have a completely different life experience, if you so choose. 
  • Your Teacher is Within You.

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