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Miracle Thoughts

3 Heavenly Thoughts from A Course In Miracles

Through studying and meditating on these ideas they begin to sink into your subconscious mind, transforming your thoughts and consequently your life experience. These thoughts will resurface exactly when you need them, and you will be reminded of the practice of asking the Holy Spirit for help. You will find yourself remembering to ask for the thoughts of the Inner Teacher, the Thoughts of God. And these thoughts will start replacing the ego thoughts learned in this world.

First we must unlearn the thoughts of this world. Become aware of our automatic thinking and who what we are believing. We must become aware of who we are allowing to teach us and then choose again. When we choose again we learn a different thoughts system, One of Love and this is a Miracle!

I want to touch on a topic not mentioned in A Course in Miracles but that is very relevant to your success in following this path. Turn off the T.V. It is a mind control box. It plays “programs” to program your mind to think with fear. I don’t have to convince you of this. Turn the T.V. on and you will find that you need so many things that you do not have, you should consume food that will kill you, you should think of murder as entertainment, you should depend on pharmaceuticals for health and happiness and you should be scared of life because 99% of the time fear is what is being promoted in the programs. Choose another program for yourself. One not based on fear but LOVE!

Our thoughts are creative.
There is a lesson in A Course in Miracles that says,
“I have no neutral thoughts”
(ACIM, W-16)

On the spiritual path we need to guard our consciousness and curate the information we let between our precious temples. We must download the heavenly thoughts of God into our mind through our daily spiritual practice. You can meditate on the idea for 1 min, 3 min, or 5 min, preferably once or twice a day. Place the idea on your alarm, set reminders throughout the day, write it on post-it notes and stick in your planner, journal, office, mirror, refrigerator. The idea is that these thoughts will then become second nature, and will remind you of your Inner Teacher, who will teach you the truth. They also”miraculously” resurface exactly in the moment that you need them, as tools for navigating life on earth.


Heavenly Thought #1: One Problem, One Solution

We think we have many problems but we only have one. The simplicity in that! If it could only be that simple! And it actually IS.

You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know it is a problem. How do you solve a problem you don’t know you have? We must become aware of this problem first in order to even begin to address it. Our one problem is that we think we are alone. We think we are separate from our Creator, Source, Love. We think we are vulnerable and have to face our lives alone. And this is a huge problem indeed!

Can you imagine what the opposite of the thought of separation would be? A life guided by our Creator. That sounds small and simple but in actuality it changes our entire life experience. Imagine a life that’s not stressful. Imagine not feeling anxiety about the future or guilt about the past, or fear in the present. Just take a moment to really imagine what that would feel like inside of your body, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual existence.

We worry about our jobs, our children, our finances, our future, and on and on. An endless list of things to worry about and doubt and fear. We conquer one problem and move on to the next without so much as taking a few breaths in between. There seems to be no end to the problems we must every day face.

We seem to have so many problems on this planet. Problems that are impossible to solve. We have our micro problematic life, in a macro problematic world. Depression, anxiety, fear, overwhelm can be the only result of this worldview.

What if those problems could still be there but we face them differently? What if we knew we were not alone? That we didn’t have to face our “problems” alone? Would it be different to know each moment has the potential for a miraculous solution? One that would result in peace, always, and for the highest good of ALL.

That is not only possible, it is guaranteed. In this spiritual practice we are the scientists of our own lives. Put the thought to practice. And your own experience will be all the proof you need.

The truth is you are not alone. Moment by moment you can drop in with yourself and talk to your Highest Self, The Holy Spirit. Your “small” miracles will become self evident, and you will learn to trust the process. Each miracle will reinforce the truth in this heavenly thought, you are not alone, and not remembering this is the only problem we have.

And so we live our heaven here or our hell. You choose, each day, what thoughts to think. You can remind yourself every time you are in fright: “One Problem, One Solution.” That awareness reminds you to ask for help, reminds you, you are not alone, reminds you there is another way, reminds you of the possibility of a miracle if you just remember your one problem: that you think you are separate from your Creator.

There is a temptation to keep the problem unsolved. It’s where we are comfortable. We believe we are victims of our circumstances and its much easier to find fault outside ourselves and someone to blame. Because the brain works as beautifully as it does, we like that pattern because its the one we’ve been playing on automatic. Secretly, we want the attention that being a victim can bring us. Awareness of the temptation to stay in oppression and victimhood is necessary, if we are to allow ourselves to recognize, we only have one problem and the problem has a solution, and it is available to us, always.

We fool ourselves when we are tempted to stay in the problem. Can it be that somehow we are also afraid it can be easily solved? A constant state of denial, as if we are more afraid of faith than of fear. The problem takes many forms but each form can be resolved by the same idea. The idea that there is only one problem. The problem of separation. The problem of the thought that we are separated from Love, from God. The truth is, we could never separate. And that IS the solution to every problem we encounter. How quickly can you remember the truth, you have one problem and only one?

How quickly can you decide to give the problem to God and trust that God is the solution? It is a process and a practice to develop this trust and it is a joyful one, especially when you realize you are not delusional and the insanity is actually in the worlds thinking.

We forgot we didn’t create ourselves but were created. We never left the One Mind, Love that created us. There is a solution to this problem. And that is to remember you’re Spirit, The Holy Spirit, your eternal companion and guide.

Do not try to bring Creator into the illusion of your problem, but bring the problem to your Creator. You are not separate, you only forgot that you can always communicate with God. Create the space in your mind in which the Holy Spirit’s Answer can be heard.

Remember, become aware, take action, ask, sit with yourself, journal, relax, get in touch with you. You will realize you have but one problem, to which there is one solution, and the solution is just as sure as God, because it is GOD! Ask anything, and you will be answered.


Heavenly Thought #2: Everyone is Special and No One is Special

God does not have preferences. We are all equally an idea in the Mind of God. We are all Her Creation. We all have all the gifts of God because that is how we were created. I imagine we express different ones in different lifetimes. We all have a gift to express and to give. That is the great gift of Life. You are special, our brothers are special, our sisters are special, this planet is special, and ultimately none of it is special. God loves us all, equally, forever.

Love is love is love is love, and love does not make comparisons like the ego does. Identify with the One in you and and will come to remember the Oneness of all. If you are special, you can compare yourself to others who are more or less special than you. If another you have put on a pedestal is more special than you, then God did not make you special enough. These are illusions. Do you want the peace of knowing who you are and who your brothers and sisters are? Or would you rather be special and separate from Truth? Specialness, in your self, in your relationships, is the cost of Truth. Everyone is special and no one is special. Even Jesus said, not verbatim, “all the things I do, you too, can also do”. He knew the Truth of our Oneness in our Father/Mother. We see differences everywhere but all is Light. The Light of Christ.

Walk in your specialness and you walk alone with no Guide because you believe you created yourself. But surrender to your specialness, yes you are special because your were Created by God and so was everyone else. This thought will save you a lifetime of separation, guilt, shame, and fear. Ask your Guide, the Holy Spirit, Highest Self within you, to tell you how special you are, and how special your brothers and sisters are, and you will be granted the Vision that will replace the limitations of your sight. You are special and you are not special. Peace.


Heavenly Thought #2: The ego analyzes, Spirit accept

In this life we all have undesirable experiences. We try to make those special, we try to make our problems bigger than others, or feel at peace if at least ours are not as big as others. We play a game with illusions but it is just an illusion. We analyze illusions when the ego is our guide. Confused and lost in the world we stay in our heads trying to figure things out and looking everywhere desperately outside of ourselves to find the solution to our special problems. The ego will guide you to figure this out, because for the ego, everything is special, especially our “problems”.

The Holy Spirit can guide us in looking at our illusions, at our seeming problems. The first step in leading you to a solution of any kind is to look at the problem. To become aware of it. Awareness first is key. Any problem we seem to have readily comes from our belief in fear. Everything the ego created is based in fear. When we identify as alone, and separate from our Creator, we indeed feel afraid. We then begin the hamster wheel in our minds for a solution to everything that seems to threaten us. Will we then analyze the situation with the ego who made the fear based system?

The Holy Spirit knows only wholeness and if you can accept the situation through surrendering to the Holy Spirit, asking for a different way to see this problem, the answer and new vision will be given you. It always is given to you. The Holy Spirit will take anything you give and transform it for you from fear to love. Do you want the fearful problem or the loving solution? It is always a choice. To analyze with the ego or accept and surrender to the Holy Spirit who is our Guide in this world and Who is always with us.

“The belief in ego autonomy is costing you the knowledge of your dependence on God,
in which your freedom lies.”
(ACIM, T-11.V.6:7)

Meaning is only found in Love. The ego’s thought system is fear. The ego cannot guide you to truth. The ego will guide you in an endless cycle of separating out, analyzing, disconnecting further and breaking it down even further where all meaning is lost. If God is all Love and all Truth, let your Guide Who Knows Who You are, Guide you in surrendering the problem to Love and all will be told and all will be healed. And you will walk this path in peace, knowing you need never analyze or fret, but remember and surrender and accept your Truth! For everything you see with your eyes informs you of the ego based world, and what you give to the Holy Spirit will give you the Vision of Christ.

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