A Holy Relationship With Your Highest Self

Miracle Journeys: A Sacred Circle Experience

You are invited to join a live virtual journey A Course in Miracles.  Together we keep each other accountable, witness each other, and share on the path toward Christ Consciousness as a habit!  We create a sacred space together for the pure, the holy, the light and the Truth of Christ Within.  


One interested in studying A Course in Miracles as a spiritual practice.  One wanting to experience a profound sense of inner peace in any circumstance. One devoted to Miracles!


11 weeks.  Once a week gathering for 90 min.  A sacred study session that includes, prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, discussion and spiritual practice. 


We meet on Zoom.  Sessions are not recorded. 


“Where two or more gather…” Let’s use technology instead of letting technology use us,

to intentionally create a virtual space that is a container for facilitating sacred community

and journeying together through A Course in Miracles in honor of Christ Consciousness on earth

and reconnecting with our Highest Self.


2023 January,  April,  July,  September


Click on the link and complete the application.  You will be emailed with further details.



Download Guidebook.  Digital Course does not come with this download but can be purchased here.