A Holy Relationship With Your Highest Self

Mentorship Level 1

The Mystic Mentoring Program is a 6 week, one on one, journey through the most powerful principles of the Spiritual Masterpiece A Course in Miracles. If you have been interested in ACIM, just heard about it, or have been reading it for years, this Program is the Deep Dive. Stop just reading it, and start living it. That’s what I did and you can do it too!

A Course in Miracles is a self-study Metaphysical text and has been the only spiritual book that gave me not just hope, but the ACTUAL MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE! Rather than a theology, dogma, or religious belief, I have found within this text my Highest Self. As a mentor I am not teaching you the Course, as you have an Inner Teacher guiding you always. I give you the tools, rituals, practices, support and accountability you need in order to find this Teacher within yourself, sooner rather than later. 

You will come to find that all of your prayers are answered, that you are never alone, and that this is the most important relationship you could ever have. Get this relationship right and all others either fall into place or fall away as they should for the highest benefit of all. You will be at peace. You will be serene. You will be calm. Whatever is happening around you, will not affect this stillness in you. And you will become a Happy Learner. You will be happier, lighter. You will quite literally shine bright!

Communication, unambiguous and plain as day, remains unlimited for all eternity." -ACIM

How it works:

For the next 6 weeks you are going on a Spiritual Retreat. Every week we will meet for an hour by phone or Skype. Each weeks lessons and activities are included in a beautiful workbook that holds all the tools you will need. The workbook includes the session worksheets, quotes, tips for reading and journaling, a spiritual toolbox, a resource kit and many blessings.

I have designed an individualized program to help you more quickly understand the principles of ACIM while simultaneously establishing a solid daily spiritual practice. It is only by doing the work that you will achieve The Mystic Experience. The experience of being in constant communication with the Highest Self. Daily practice is not only necessary it is essential. 

You can expect accelerated personal and spiritual growth in our six weeks together. The goal of this program is to re-establish communication with your Highest Self. This can only be achieved through a burning desire, consistency, commitment, and unwavering faith, belief and trust. I can help you. I look forward to our spiritual adventure together!

This Mentoring Program is exclusive and not for everyone. You have to be 110% committed to doing the work. I only want to work with people who are ready for the type of commitment that is necessary to achieve The Mystic Experience. It is for this reason, that I filter out those that are only superficially ready. Through this course, you’re investing in your relationship with your own deepest truth. Money is only one aspect of your investment. It takes time, effort, courage and commitment too. For this reason, I do not offer a refund, for any reason. I’ve taken so many courses online, and only one of them did I follow through with every assignment, and every lesson through to completion. It was the course that did not offer a refund and was only live for 6 months. I had to do the work, if I wanted to get my money’s worth. And that was the very course that gave me the confidence to step up and finally do, what I came to this earth to do. 

"Have you ever experienced something so profound that it's hard to put into words?!  Danayra, that's how I feel about working with you. Doing the Mystic Experience with you was literally one of the best decisions I've ever made and created so many profound shifts in my life and my business.  For a long time I've wanted to be a student of ACIM, but I didn't know where to start. In my overwhelm I'd quit. And the cycle continued.  Today I have a daily practice and it's a cornerstone of my health and happiness. Life is flowing easier and my intuition is even stronger. I worry less. I trust more. Prayer finally has a meaning that resonates with me.  I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude for our work together.  I've been trying to put into words this powerful experience....  Thank you for creating the space, energy and resources for me to make this amazing shift in my life. So grateful for you beautiful lady!”
Molly Hamill
Life Coach
"Danayra’s Mystic Mentorship Program grounded my spiritual practice in a way that I was able to experience the love of the infinite like never before. Danayra is a compassionate and heart led guide of A Course In Miracles. I learned to listen to the words on those pages and develop a relationship with Spirit. I now have the courage to explore new depths of my soul and take leaps of faith in my personal and professional life with certainty, knowing that I am never alone. I am in partnership with Spirit and living this truth is priceless. Words do not suffice to convey Danayra’s gift in leading people back to their Highest Self."
Karina de la Cruz
Parenting Coach
"The Mystic Experience Is One Of the Best Programs I Have Ever Taken. Its So Detailed And Well Put Together. Danayra Has Created A Beautiful Program In Which She Lovingly & Gently Leads You Through A Course In Miracles. I Have Deepened My Connection With The Holy Spirit By Taking This Course. Danayra Is An Amazing Teacher. She’s Gifted And Very Passionate About Her Work. This Program is a Reflection of Passion and Dedication to her path and work in My Opinion. If You Have A Chance To Take This Program DO IT! Its Definitely Worth It. I Will Always Be A Student Of Danayra. Im Grateful For Her For Sharing Her Wisdom, Patience And Love With Me. BEST PROGRAM EVER!!!!"
Keira Wu
Community Organizer
"I want to thank you Danayra for introducing me to a Course in Miracles. It has truly changed the way I look at life and most importantly at myself. You have opened a path in my life that I have been searching for for a long time. Love you."
Linda Rivera
"I am overwhelmed with Gratitude for the way the universe brought you into my life! You are truly an amazing beautiful soul and woman! Thank you for all that you do and support you provide as a coach! It is seriously the most profound experience I’ve ever had working with anyone before!  Thank you!!!!!"
Ayla Grace
Relationship Coach