A Holy Relationship With Your Highest Self

Mentorship Level 2

The Mystic Mentoring Program Level 2 is a 4 week, one on one, journey into the radical metaphysical teachings of the spiritual masterpiece, A Course in Miracles.

Level 1 introduced you to the main spiritual concepts and principles of the text.  In the first 6 weeks you learned the daily practices for an intimate relationship with your Highest Self.

In Level 2, you go much deeper.  This is the unveiling process, the “undoing of the ego” or “the unlearning of the world”.  Here you will explore the metaphysical teachings of ACIM and learn the mystical practices that will transform your experience in this world.  

"The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence and through them you will learn that He is there." -ACIM

How it works:

For the next 4 weeks you are going on a Spiritual Retreat. Every week we will meet for an hour by phone. Each weeks lessons and activities are included in a beautiful workbook that holds all the tools you will need. The workbook includes the session worksheets, quotes, tips for reading and journaling, a spiritual toolbox, a resource kit and many blessings.

I have designed an individualized program to help you more quickly understand the metaphysical teachings of ACIM while simultaneously establishing a solid daily mystical practice.  It is only by doing the work that you will achieve The Mystic Experience.  The experience of being in constant communication with your Highest Self.  Daily practice is not only necessary, it is essential.

You can expect profound transformation in our four weeks together.  The goal of this program is to learn how to work with the Holy Spirit in lifting the veil of illusion and experience the Love and Peace, A Course in Miracles says is our divine birthright.  

This Mentoring Program is exclusive and not for everyone. You have to be 110% committed to doing the work. I only want to work with people who are ready for the type of commitment that is necessary to achieve The Mystic Experience. It is for this reason, that I filter out those that are only superficially ready. Through this course, you’re investing in your relationship with your own deepest truth. Money is only one aspect of your investment. It takes time, effort, courage and commitment too. For this reason, I do not offer a refund, for any reason. I’ve taken so many courses online, and only one of them did I follow through with every assignment, and every lesson through to completion. It was the course that did not offer a refund and was only live for 6 months. I had to do the work, if I wanted to get my money’s worth. And that was the very course that gave me the confidence to step up and finally do, what I came to this earth to do.