A Holy Relationship With Your Highest Self

A Spiritual Path with A Course in Miracles

What is A Course in Miracles?
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a self-study metaphysical text that guides you to remembering the Truth of Who You Are.

This is a channeled text.  It was channeled by Helen Schucman and first published in 1975.  Helen identifies the Voice of this text as none other than Jesus.  I believe her.  I don’t need to convince you of this, and you don’t have to believe me.  Pick up the book yourself, read it, apply the principles and you will know.

The Sacred Text is comprised of 3 books in 1:
1.  The Text which is the theoretical foundation of the Course.
2.  The Workbook – 365 days of Meditations, the actual practice of the book.
3.  The Manual for Teachers where you will find answers to questions you might have as you move forward with it’s teachings.

Some editions also contain Supplements like Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, and Practice, and the Song of Prayer.  I use the 3rd edition of the text published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

This is the most beautifully written Spiritual Masterpiece I have ever read.  This book has awakened me to the Love of God and the Truth of Who I Am in Him.  This Course promises as its goal the attainment of Inner Peace.  Millions, including myself are now finding that it delivers precisely what it promises.

Are you ready to experience an unwavering sense of Inner Peace?

If you are, welcome!  I can help you on your own spiritual path with A Course in Miracles.

Digital Course:

A Live Virtual Journey:

Mentorship Level 1

For students who desire to begin a serious spiritual practice (1-1) by zoom.

Mentorship Level 2

For individuals who completed Level 1 and want to go even deeper (1-1) by zoom.